Our range of sausages

We’ve made MOR just as succulent and utterly delicious as traditional sausages, but with lower fat and a whole bunch of extra good stuff to boot. Choose from exciting flavours packed with fragrant herbs, zingy spices and tender, prime cuts of British meat, and rethink your favourite midweek meals.

Moroccan Spiced Pork & Red Pepper Sausages

Chickpeas and cauliflower perfectly complement the texture of the pork, while aromatic coriander and spicy harissa paste make every sausage sing.

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Mediterranean Chicken with Sundried Tomato & Basil Chipolatas

Chicken might not be the most conventional meat for a sausage, but its light, unassuming flavour sits perfectly with the sharp basil and tart sun-dried tomatoes. Try it – you might end up a convert.

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Pork, Super Green Veg & Lentil Sausages

Don’t be fooled by these seemingly unassuming pork sausages; the earthiness of the green vegetables and peppery lentils is set off with a subtle hint of sweet chilli.

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Pork, Beetroot & Bramley Apple Sausages

These sausages are a subtle twist on an old favourite, with the earthy beetroot and nutty brown rice balancing the sweetness of the apple.

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