Moroccan BBQ Wrap with Spiced Slaw

MOR Moroccan Spiced Pork, Cauliflower, and Chickpea Sausages wrapped with houmous, pomegranate seeds, and harissa, served with spiced Moroccan coleslaw.

Spiked Bangers & Mash

MOR Pork, Beetroot & Bramley Apple Sausages with sweet potato mash in a sticky red wine gravy.

Super Green Sausage Pasta

Gigli pasta with tomato sauce, sweet cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, and MOR Pork, Super Green Veg & Lentil Sausages.

Chicken Sausage Caesar

Mediterranean Chicken, Sundried Tomato & Basil Chipolatas in a Caesar salad, served with homemade dressing and ciabatta croutons.

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