Our Story

Sausages. Snuggled up in a buttery white bap or simmering away in thick casserole gravy, they’re comforting, unassuming, reassuring as your favourite pair of slippers. Of course you love them, but maybe (whisper it) they’re just a bit predictable. Well. Not anymore.

About MOR

MOR are everything you love about traditional sausages, but certainly not what you’d expect. By blending high-quality British meat with nutritious vegetables, fragrant herbs, and delicate spices, we’ve created sausages with unforgettable flavours inspired by foods from all over the world.

MOR taste, MOR goodness

Think pork with super green spinach, peas, and lentils, or chicken balanced with sweet green peppers, tart sundried tomatoes and aromatic basil. The blends of meat, vegetables, pulses and grains we use in our sausages bring down the fat and taste totally sensational. They’re a little unconventional, but trust us – that’s why you’ll love them.

Try something different

MOR are just as at home served with a fistful of wedges as they are cooked up in a stew, but truly, they beg for something special. The versatile flavours of our sausages make them perfect for experimenting, and our gorgeously simple recipes will challenge you to think a bit differently about the way you cook. Go on – make MOR of your mealtimes.

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