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What’s MOR all about?

The fresh solution for meat-lovers to live a healthier, balanced lifestyle.

Our story

About MOR

Meat. A staple of many people’s diet. Whether it’s sausages simmering away in a thick casserole gravy, or juicy burgers snuggled in a toasted bun. We simply can’t get enough… but we know that health and wellbeing is at the forefront of today’s conversations. So, here is MOR! Half the meat, with all of the flavour!

Our Goal

half Meat, Full Flavour

50% Meat, 50% Vegetables, Fruit, Pulses & Grains.
We love meat just as much as you, that’s why we’ve created MOR. Giving meat-eaters the best of both worlds. Guilt-free, amazing tasting burgers, sausages and meatballs to give you the health kick you didn’t even know you needed.


Try something different

MOR is a brand that begs for something special. Gone are the days of sticking to the same old recipes… we are opening the door to a whole new world of flavour. The versatile flavours of MOR make it perfect for experimenting, and our gorgeously simple recipes will challenge you to think differently about meal times.

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