12 Classic Beef Meatballs with Red Peppers

Succulent British beef & red pepper meatballs for a twist on an Italian classic.

Servings per pack: 4

Energy 717kJ (172kcal)
Fat 8.7g
of which saturates 3.6g
Carbohydrates 9.9g
of which sugars 1.6g
Fibre 2.2g
Protein 12.4g
Salt 1.25g
Energy 552kJ (132kcal)
Fat 6.7g
of which saturates 2.7g
Carbohydrates 7.6g
of which sugars 1.2g
Fibre 1.7g
Protein 9.5g
Salt 0.96g

Recipe suggestion


An absolute classic perfect for pretty much any occasion. Packed with flavours that remind you of homeā€¦ sweet red pepper, tangy tomato ragu and earthy herbs to create a quick and simple meal for your loved ones.